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Message from the Principal


Dear families,


On behalf of the founders, board of trustees, faculty, and staff of Central Brooklyn Ascend Lower School, I extend a warm welcome! We recognize that you chose where to enroll your scholar— one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent or guardian—and we are honored that you have selected Central Brooklyn Ascend. Your choice represents your faith in us, and we are firmly committed to maintaining your trust. 


We look forward to working with you to fulfill our vision of educational excellence for every scholar, understanding that your support is crucial to our success. Research has revealed a clear link between family involvement and academic performance, and we seek to leverage that power to realize each child’s full potential. 


Thank you for choosing Central Brooklyn Ascend Lower School. We have an exciting and productive year ahead of us! 



Katie Capella, Principal 


Our approach

Our leadership team



Katie Capella

Assistant Principal of Operations

Dominique Artamin


Assistant Principal, Grade K

Shante Robinson

Assistant Principal Grade 1, 3

Michelle Kaba

Assistant Principal Grade 2 & 4

Albert Lowe

Operations Team
Operations Manager  

Anadely Ortiz

Operations Associate

Erica Hamilton


Our approach

Our staff


KA- West Chester University

Patricia Bell

Imani Thomas



KB- Lincoln University

Jennifer Barthemy

Guiane Baker

KC- NC State University

Madison Weidner

Alisa Bryant

Grade 1

1A- Boston University

Kianna Odom




1B- Spelman College

Shanell Roberts

Erika Carter 

1C- University of Pittsburgh

Ankita Dewan

Victoria Ennab

Grade 4

4A- Florida International University (FIU)

Angie Montalvo

4B- City College of New York

Samson Sosanya 

4C- Syracuse University

Mashawnna Snead

Grade 3

3A- Fordham University

Kai Hollander

3B- University of Buffalo

Amya Carmichael

3C- Hofstra University

Lauren Howe

Mentor Teacher, Gr. 2-4

Arkeeda Jones

Meet the CBACS Student Services Support Team here

Grade 2

2A- University of Hawaii

Arielle Hensley

Laverne Paul

2B- Adelphi University

Melinda Wong

2C- Skidmore Colleg

Angelica Laburda

Meet the CBACS SPECIALS Team here



Micah Gardner, Gr. K-2

Shakirah Cubia, Gr. 3-4 

Capoeira - Brazilian Martial Arts

Leanardo Da Silva


Byron Downer

Mindfulness /Yoga

Long-Term Substitute Teacher - Ms. Lyam

Student Services

Interim Student Services Coordinator

Rebecca Dolfi

School Counselor

Rebecca Goldman

Social Worker

Jessica Cohen

SETSS/Intervention Team

SpEd Teacher, SETSS/Intervention,  Gr. K-2

Rebecca Dolfi

SpEd Teacher, SETSS/Intervention,  Gr. 2-3

Kristen Davis

SpEd Teacher, SETSS/Intervention, Gr. 3-4

Melissa Ogden 

ENL Teacher, Gr. K-4

Seraphine Lin 


Culture Associates

Rashaan Bailey

Culture Associates

Jamilia Kelly


Meet our CBACS
Culture Associate

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